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13.11.2019 ЦІСМА


On November 12 the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine hosted the 5th educational outreach meeting “INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE AND DOMESTIC OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF INNOVATIVE ACTIVITIES IN THE FIELD OF “BIOTECHNOLOGY” from the scientific outreach cycle “From Idea to Action”. The event was organised by the Public association «Technology transfer office «Up to Future».

The event started with a welcome speech from the Head of the Public association Ihor Naida, who expressed his hope for the resounding support from the Government and the society in the development of national science and innovations in particular.

The participants were greeted by the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science Yurii Poliukhovych, who noted the importance of constructive steps towards the integration of the efforts of the authorities, civil society and business with the aim of developing Ukraine’s innovative potential in the field of biotechnology for the sake of improving the quality of a human longevity.

The meeting moderator, Volodymyr Zubchenko, introduced the speakers of the event:

Yevhen Naishtetik — Master in International Business, Master of Marketing, Master of Social Technologies, CEO of Planexta, Inc (Los Angeles, USA), Head of the Record Cardiac Screening in Ukraine, Co-Founder of the VanHealthing CryptoFund of Biotech Innovations.

Yehor Domanov — Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences, Head of Skin Biophysics Group, Advanced Research, L’Oréal Research & Innovation (France).

Oleksandr Koniev — CEO & Co-founder of Syndivia (France).

Pavlo Bazilinskyi — MSc Erasmus Mundus Master in Dependable Software Systems (University of St Andrews (Scotland) / 1National University of Ireland, Maynooth (Ireland)), director of data research at SD-Insights startup, postdoctoral researcher at TU Delft, the chair of the Bridging science and business working group of MCAA (Netherlands, was calling from Japan).

Oleh Babii – Candidate of Chemical and Biological Sciences, CEO and co-founder of Lumobiotics(Germany).

The last two speakers joined the panel discussion online.

During the discussion, the speakers were answering questions about the features of conducting research and innovation activities in the large industrial sector and small groups, discussing the necessary infrastructural and legislative aspects of the work of innovators, inspiring by their own example and sharing secrets about finding funding for developing scientific startups. Thus, for example, there was interesting and helpful information on how to find research grants of the UK, how to get funding for research projects and startups in Europe and the US. Yevhen Naishtetik demonstrated to the audience his inventions: 5 diagnostic devices, among which there is the world’s first ECG wristband (wearing on one arm). Yehor Domanov briefly told about the involvement of outsourced research teams and shared a secret about how to establish effective collaboration of 4.5 thousand researchers. The young businessman Oleksandr Koniev has experience of creating innovative anticancer drugs with a team of 12 people.

His goal is to invent medicines for treating chemoresistant breast and lung tumours and colorectal cancer. Online speakers Pavlo Bazilinskyi and Oleh Babii noted the close relationship between genetics, capabilities of artificial intelligence and the usage of Big Data, without which it is no longer possible to imagine the process of creating innovations. This reasonable opinion was supported by all the panellists.

Among the speakers, who shared their opinions during the second part of the discussion, there were: Vitalii Cherniuk (Head of Expert Group on Communications and Strategic Planning at the Directorate of Innovation and Technology Transfer of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine), Larysa Antoniuk (Doctor of Economics, Professor, Vice-rector for research work, Director of the Institute of Higher Education at Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman) and Oleksandr Kendiukhov (Doctor of Economics, Professor, President of the Association for the Promotion of Globalization of Education and Science SPACETIME, Vice President of Business and Science Integration at ICC Ukraine. They briefly told about the areas of their work and achievements in the field of innovations.

In particular, Larysa Antoniuk shared her experience of participation in the creation of a dietary supplement, which could be used for treating numerous diseases that reduce antitumor immune response. Oleksandr Kendiukhov emphasized on his own business and marketing solutions in the sphere of biotechnologies. Vitalii Cherniuk surprised the audience by mentioning the facts of how does the Ministry of Education and Science support various domestic innovative projects and expressed confidence about the continuation of synergistic interaction between the participants.

At the end of the meeting, the speakers and experts wished optimism, self-assurance, stress resistance and inspiration to young innovators and expressed their desire for further cooperation.

Olena Trush, doctor, journalist, publisher, expert brandologist, marketing and PR consultant, presented the booklet “Up to Future – for the innovators in the field of biotechnologies. Development and Support Program”, which provides all the necessary information about the terms and conditions of participating in the projects organized by “Up to Future”.

Andrii Horban, a leading Ukrainian scientist, Doctor of Medical Science, expert in innovations and technology transfer, has taken the honorary responsibility of presenting memorable diplomas to speakers and experts of the 5th educational outreach meeting.

In his closing remarks, Ihor Naida thanked all the participants of the panel discussion and expressed a hope for the further fruitful cooperation. Special thanks on the part of the Organizers of the 5th educational outreach meeting were expressed to the partners of the event.

After the official part, all the participants had the opportunity to enjoy informal communication. Friendly atmosphere and common interests contributed to the active discussion of the information obtained from the speakers, inspired to receive answers from the speakers regarding the nuances of their innovative activities.

After receiving certificates for attending the event, the participants expressed their wishes for further cooperation and thanked for useful information.

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