Our organization “Up to future” has launched a new project “Philanthropic assistance for receiving unlimited cheap clean energy for mankind”.

The goal of our organization is to support innovations aimed at maintaining people’s health.

Nowadays, most health problems are associated with environmental pollution, and global warming threatens to significantly worsen the situation on the planet.

Our team has experience supporting innovation in health care. Our largest project is the 3D printing of organs for medicine https://uptofuture.org/en/portfolio-item/3d-betz/.

Our team is not indifferent to the future of mankind.

The ecological and climatic catastrophe of the entire planet is inevitable, if we do not stop the emission of greenhouse gases and the use of carbon fuel within 12 years.

https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/08/global-warming-must-not-exceed-15c-warns-landmark-un-report .

Such a catastrophe will lead to billions of deaths and diseases of people on all continents.

To save these people, a new source of clean and cheap energy is needed.

Our compatriot Ukrainian Anatolii Kharchenko invented such a source, a completely new Linrec-Z fusion reactor, and filed a patent application. http://a9414495.eu5.org/linrec/engindex.php. The effectiveness of this invention is confirmed by a natural experiment that nature itself set in the formation of ball lightning.

Unfortunately, this unique project is slowed down at the very beginning due to the fact that the author does not have the means to prove the efficient operation of Linrec-Z by the first experimental reactor, its suitability for industry, and to advance the plan for the transition of the entire planet to environmentally friendly cheap unlimited energy Linrec-Z reactors.

Our team wants to help the Linrec-Z project by providing him with charitable financial assistance for its launch and implementation.

If the author of Linreс-Z now receives financial assistance in the amount of $ 100 million to launch the Linreс-Z project, this will make it possible :

– to conduct a series of experiments on the experimental reactor Linreс-Z , invented by Anatolii Kharchenko;

– to prove its efficiency and applicability in industry;

– to carry out marketing work in order to find out the terms and resources necessary for the transition of the planet’s energy to the new energy of Linrec-Z reactors;

– to conduct an explanatory campaign all over the world;

– to pave the way for the start of mass production of Linrec-Z reactors.

Our solution makes a decisive contribution to solving the problem of global warming and preventing climate catastrophe.

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